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with Ryan and Lyss

One of our favorite parts of this business is going to our favorite coffee shop, cozying up with our favorite caffeinated beverages, and talking weddings with incredible couples like you. Not only do we get to know couples in a comfy environment, but our coffee dates are an awesome time for us to talk about what we do, how we do it, tips and tricks for your best wedding film, and a whole array of helpful information to support your perfect wedding day!

This exclusive info is too good not to share with every couple considering a wedding video, so we've created a way to bring our coffee dates to YOU through these videos!  

So get cozy, grab your beverage of choice, and let's talk wedding videography.

Coffee Dates Episode 1:

Wedding Videography Myths

Ryan and Alyssa debunk common wedding videography myths, including:

Myth 1. Wedding Videographers get in the way on your wedding day.

Myth 2. A friend or family member can provide the same quality video as a professional videographer

Myth 3. You'll hardly ever watch your wedding film.

Coffee Dates Episode 2:

More Wedding Videography Myths

Ryan and Alyssa debunk more wedding videography myths, and a special guest makes an appearance.

Myth 4. Hiring a wedding videographer means you have to budget more time in your already busy timeline.

Myth 5. Videographers use annoying lights.

Myth 6. "I feel awkward on camera, so I don't think I want to be filmed on my wedding day."

Myth 7. Pictures are a good enough means to relive your wedding day.

Coffee Dates Episode 3:

Choose Your Background

Ryan and Alyssa talk about the importance of lighting, and choosing the best spaces in your venue as backgrounds for photo and video.

Ryan visits the Danger Zone and talks about the dangers of choosing the WRONG background!

Coffee Dates Episode 4:

5 Tips for Your Best Wedding Film

Ryan and Alyssa discuss 5 things YOU can do to get your best wedding film.

1. Consider your space.

2. Practice Mouth Mindfulness.

3. Leave enough time.

4. Consider audio moments as part of your film. 

5. Enjoy your day!

Coffee Dates Episode 5:

Choosing a Videographer

Alyssa and Ryan talk about:

1. Why price doesn't matter as much as you may think it does

2. What to look for when researching

3. The importance of a timeless film

4. Why communication is essential

Coffee Dates Episode 6:

The Wedding Day Filming Experience

Have you ever wondered what it's actually like to be filmed on your wedding day? Ryan and Alyssa walk you through the experience!

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