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It's nice to meet you.

We're Ryan and Alyssa, the directors of Paper Crane Cinema Co. We are a husband and wife wedding videography duo serving Kentucky and beyond. Stay a while and get to know us!

When we met at the Louisville airport in 2014, we never could have guessed that this meeting was the beginning of our story together.

Ryan was flying in from Atlanta for a job interview where Alyssa worked, and Alyssa was responsible for showing him around the city. At first, Alyssa was both blown away and put off by how smart, quirky, and technically-minded Ryan seemed, and Ryan quickly learned that Alyssa was extremely goofy, artsy, and creative. It seemed like an unlikely partnership, but they quickly became best friends. It definitely helped that they have the same ridiculous sense of humor!

Their worlds were rocked in 2015 when Alyssa took a job in New York, and Ryan stayed in Louisville to continue working on the production team he had worked on with Alyssa. Despite the distance, they talked ALL THE TIME. Constant texting and FaceTiming led to deeper feelings that Alyssa had a few months prior refused to have toward Ryan (seriously - she had this thing where she wouldn't hug him when they hung out for fear of leading him on!). But in the winter of 2015, Alyssa and Ryan fell in love in their time apart. A few months after moving to New York, Ryan and Alyssa began planning their future together. In January of 2016, Ryan flew to New York City to ask Alyssa to marry him, and they got married in Louisville just a month later!

Those crazy months of distance, romance, and getting married were a whirlwind for us! But that whirlwind only picked up speed when we soon decided to start a business together. Now we spend our days getting to know incredible in-love couples and working with them to craft wedding films that are personal, cinematic, breathtaking works of art that they'll cherish for the rest of their lives.

So tell us... what's your story?




Video is my first love. I've been making videos since I was 13 years old and forcing my little brother to star in my movies!

Sarcasm is my love language.

I've always been super artistic. My brain has a constant stream of ideas, and I always have to be creating something!

I love cats. SO. MUCH. Our cat Henry has an Instagram account, and it's my happy place.

My favorite part of weddings is making a personal connection to each couple, and bringing their love story to life in the editing process!


I've been overseas a few times and am always amazed at the beauty of this world and its people.



I can cook just about anything- as long as it can be made in an Instant Pot.

I love traveling. I once sold everything I owned and moved to England for a year!

I genuinely love people. Everyone has a unique story, and I take any chance I get to meet someone and get to know them.

My favorite part of weddings is getting to know couples and designing film packages based on who they are as a couple!

I'm a tech guy. I'm always learning new, more efficient ways to do things when it comes to technology!

Before we started Paper Crane, I was a stage lighting director, a graphic designer, and a roadie.

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