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There's a secret we've discovered in wedding filmmaking that has changed everything we believe about crafting the perfect wedding film. Can you handle it? Okay, okay... we'll fill you in.

The perfect wedding film has less to do with fancy cameras, beautiful scenery, pretty details, and stunning cinematography - and has EVERYTHING to do with one invaluable piece of the puzzle: YOU. 

That's why your Paper Crane Film is personally crafted around who you are as a couple, and the joy that you and your spouse bring to your wedding day. As a husband and wife team we believe SO deeply in love, and as filmmakers we believe so deeply in the power of video to communicate that love each time your film is played through the passing years as you grow with your spouse. 

Ready to find out more? Stay around a while, get to know us, and maybe grab some tissues and enjoy some of our films. Happy wedding planning!

-Ryan and Alyssa Peterson

Directors, Paper Crane Cinema Co.

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From coworkers to lifelong partners
to filmmakers passionate about capturing love stories! Get to know our dorky selves & our big love for love. 

Featured Story

Ashley and Mark

The Beginning of a Family

When Mark and Ashley first started dating, they were coworkers who had each gone through their shares of love and loss, and one day the two of them just clicked. Mark fell in love with Ashley and her two daughters, and they all fell in love with him in return. 


Ashley says it's crazy "to be with someone who makes you want to be a better person." And when asked what their wedding day means to them, Mark said, "It's a celebration of my love for Ashley and our girls. It's the continuation of the leap of faith we both took together." Ashley's response? "I get to show my daughters what love is supposed to look like."

Mark and Ashley's wedding took us to St. Augustine Beach, Florida, with their closest family and friends, for an intimate and powerful celebration of their lives, love, and the starting of a new family.

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