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Alex and Laura

Alex and Laura's wedding day was one for the books. Every piece of their day was so heartfelt - from Laura and her bridal party's excitement as they got ready for the day (that confetti though!!), to Alex's emotional words to Laura in the letter he read, all the way to the lively celebration at the reception! When it started to rain before the ceremony, we weren't sure if we'd be able to have it outside as planned. But as soon as the rain started, so did the prayers! And eventually, the rain let up, we threw our cameras into their positions, and the ceremony began! And right before the final words were spoken and Laura and Alex kissed, the clouds parted and the sun came out... SO very brightly!! It was such a perfect way for Alex and Laura to begin their married lives together.


Laura and Alex are such genuinely sweet and kind people, and we love how much of who they are can be seen throughout their film. We hope you enjoy their wedding film!

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