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Therese and Lincoln

Therese and Lincoln's story started years before they even met. Each of their families are long-time friends with a mutual family. But it wasn't until later in life that Therese and Lincoln really got acquainted when they stumbled into each other at Tin Roof while amongst friends. Therese bought Lincoln and a couple others each a beer, the two chatted for a few minutes, and then continued separately mingling with friends. A few weeks later, Therese attended a UofL football tailgate, and Lincoln happened to be at the same tailgate. At the game, Therese mentioned to her best friend Kenzie how cute she thought Lincoln was! Then, a couple weeks later, Therese and Lincoln stumbled into each other yet again at Gerstles. They got to chatting again with Miller Lites in hand and before they knew it, a couple hours had passed and everyone else they came with was gone. It wasn't until another month later that they ran into each other again at another bar. This time Lincoln asked Therese to dinner. She said yes, and the rest is history! Therese says, "We mean everything to each other. While we are very different, we have a lot in common and a lot of similarities that makes us each better together than apart. Marriage is extremely important to each of us. We value not only the fun parts of what being married means but the challenges we know we will face. The lifelong commitment to each other and God is such an important part of life we are ready to experience and share."

Special thanks to the incredible vendors who brought this day together!

Reception Venue: The Olmsted

Ceremony Venue: St. Elizabeth
Videography & Photography: Paper Crane Cinema Co.

Catering: Mastersons

Officiant: Reverend Chuck Walker

Florist: Minish and Potts

DJ: Music in Motion

Cake: Mary Reilly

Dress: Couture Closet

Dress Designer: Ashley and Justin

Seamstress: Sew Formal

Coordinator: Hillary Chinn

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