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Terms and Conditions

A first installment payment equal to 33% of the package price is required at time of contract signing in order to reserve Paper Crane Cinema Company’s (PCC) services for the wedding date. The final balance will be due within two weeks of the wedding date.

The client is solely responsible for securing permission from the site owner/operator for use of the production site as well as authority for PCC to set up all necessary production equipment.
It is understood that the quality of the production is dependent upon adequate lighting, camera/microphone positions and other conditions not under the control of PCC.

PCC is not responsible for dark or grainy video resulting from inadequate lighting or the refusal of the client to allow lighting at the reception, or electrical or mechanical malfunctions on location that are beyond our control.

PCC is not responsible for any legal restrictions involved with the use of copyrighted music if such music is requested by the client. Unless otherwise requested, all music will be provided by PCC and legally licensed through reputable professional databases. Songs are selected in accordance to the client’s taste.

The agreement of the service to perform is subject to proven detention by sudden illness, accidents, acts of God, or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of PCC.
Every reasonable attempt will be made to secure a backup videographer in such an unlikely event. In the unlikely event that PCC is unable to secure backup videographers, PCC will issue a full refund to the client within three weeks of the wedding date.

The client respects PCC as professionals and understands that the creative and practical decisions made by PCC in the filming and editing process are in order to give the client the highest quality product. 

PCC will establish an arrival time for the wedding date with the client prior to that date and remain on duty from the specified start time to the significant dances at the reception. This block of time includes set-up and tear-down of equipment, transportation between venues and meal breaks.

PCC reserves the right to discontinue filming in any situation (ex: rain, extreme temperatures, humidity, hazardous locations) that could put the safety of the videographer or equipment at risk.

Up to five cameras will be used to capture the ceremony.
The aesthetic quality of this video may vary depending upon the available light and the permitted camera placement. Two cameras will be used at all other times along with the use of several advanced cinematography tools.

The final product will be delivered within 1-2 months of the wedding date. PCC’s delivery time is dependent upon the volume of other client projects held by PCC at the time following the client’s wedding date.

The original footage remains the property of PCC. The client gives PCC permission to use clips from the original footage to market PCC’s wedding videography services.

Cancellation Policy
If the client cancels the production at any point prior to the wedding date, the deposit will be refunded to the client only if PCC can rebook the wedding date, otherwise it is nonrefundable. If the client cancels the production before 60 days of their wedding date and the client has already paid their remaining balance, the remaining balance will be refunded to the client. In the occurrence of cancellation within 60 days of the client's wedding date, the client agrees to pay the full balance for PCC’s services as PCC will be unable to rebook the date and account for overhead expenses upon such short notice. If the full balance has already been paid, and cancellation takes place within 60 days of the wedding date, the balance is nonrefundable.

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