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Megan and Ryan

Megan and Ryan met as freshmen at a college party. As they started talking they quickly figured out they had one very big thing in common: they had both taken a gap year and were exchange students between high school and college. Megan knew Ryan as ‘Argentina guy’ and he knew her as ‘Spain girl.’ They instantly connected with each other. Megan says she can’t help but believe that God had something in mind when she and Ryan both deferred their acceptance for a year, only to meet at Xavier as little 19 year olds. She says, "Our story is as simple as that. We were babies and quickly fell in love with one another. Ryan was my first love and (as far as I know) I was his. It took us some time… but we are finally getting married!"

Because of COVID-19, Megan and Ryan got to celebrate their wedding twice - first in an intimate gathering with their closest family and friends in the summer of 2020, and again with a big celebration in 2021 with all of their favorite people! 

Special thanks to the incredible vendors who brought this day together!

2020 Celebration:
Videography: Paper Crane Cinema Co.

Photography: Jordan Pantoja

Floral Design: Wayne at In Bloom Again

Venue: Southeast Chapel in the Woods

2021 Celebration:
Videography: Paper Crane Cinema Co.

Photography: Jordan Pantoja

Venue: The Refinery North

Cake Balls: Megan Frew

Band: Stretta

Full Film 2020

Full Film 2020-2021

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