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Feature Film

10 Hour Coverage Window

+ 1 Hour Pre-Wedding Day Interviews with Couple and Two Family Members and/or Friends.

60-90 Minute Documentary Film

6-10 Minute Signature Highlight Film

Music Licensing

Digital Delivery

Relive your wedding day to the absolute fullest with the Feature Film Experience. This all-inclusive package tells the story of your day in an in-depth 60-90 minute cinematic Documentary Film. This exclusive collection of memories is a one-of-a-kind emotion-packed way to relive the story of entire wedding day, as told by you and the people you

love most. Also included is our 6-10 minute Signature Highlight Film.

Your 60-90 minute Documentary Film is an unforgettable telling of the story of your wedding day. We meet with you and two individuals of your choosing prior to your wedding to capture the story of who you are, how you found each other, and all the excitement surrounding your day.

The story continues on your wedding day as we utilize 10 hours of coverage to capture the most exciting day of your life as it unfolds! Your real emotions are captured in the moment and expertly shaped into a feature-length movie that is timeless, raw, emotional, uplifting, and incredibly you.

A note from Alyssa 

"As someone who's always adored the art of home videos - moments captured in their entirety to be cherished forever - I love going beyond the standard highlight film with our Feature Film experience! This film captures the wedding day in all of its beautiful depth and complexity. The Feature Film is your story from beginning to end, as told by you, with every sweet and authentic moment in-between."



*Travel fee applies to weddings outside of 65 miles of Louisville

The Feature Film Experience is perfect for couples who want to be able to completely dive back into their wedding day and remember every bit of it to the fullest!

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