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Brittany and  Bryce

Brittany and Bryce met at work in Washington, DC. A few weeks after Bryce started his job, he invited Brittany to a concert, where Bryce sang along with My Morning Jacket and Brittany rapped along with Mary J. Blige. Bryce promptly texted his best man, Kyle, to tell him all about her. A few weeks later Bryce invited Brittany to his hometown of Louisville to experience the Kentucky Derby. Despite only knowing each other for a short amount of time, Brittany agreed to go. Their 12-hour drive gave them a chance to get to know each other better, and little did they know this would be their tradition in the coming years! Later that summer, on a beach on the Jersey shore, Bryce officially asked Brittany to be his girlfriend.


After dating for a while, the two started building their life together by moving in together and getting a dog named Annie. Then, in the spring of 2019, Bryce planned a scavenger hunt for Brittany, leading Brittany to 9 clues around their house, each representing a different phase in their relationship. The tenth clue led her to the dock outside of their house, where Bryce awaited her with a bouquet of roses and an engagement ring. She said yes.

A few months later, the newly engaged Brittany and Bryce moved back to Louisville and began planning their wedding for 2020. But when Covid happened, they postponed to the following May in hopes of having the dream wedding they had always envisioned.


And their wedding was just that - a dream celebration with all of their favorite people.


Special thanks to the amazing team of vendors who brought this day together!

Videography: Paper Crane Cinema Co.

Photography: Misty Enright Photography

Venues: The Seelbach and Cathedral of the Assumption

Florist: Nanz & Craft Florists

DJ: PartyZone Productions

Hair: Creations Hair Design

Makeup: Cait Nash Artistry

Cake: Stir Crazy Cakes

Cupcakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Photo Booth: Rivertown Photo Booths

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