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James and Liza

James and Liza win the award for the world's most unbelievably cute couple. Liza's joy and excitement overflowed from her absolutely all day, and when she and James finally saw each other at their first look, they literally jumped for joy.

Their wedding day had the breathtaking backdrop of Liza's family's GORGEOUS land, complete with lush scenery, a beautiful gazebo, a flower garden which grew Liza and James' wedding flowers (how cool is that?!?!), a scenic bridge, and so much more! It was a wedding photographer and videographer's dream. 


Our favorite parts of Liza and James' day were:

-The adorable first look
-The perfect sunset during the couple shots

-Liza's parents breaking it down on the dance floor
-James, Liza, and their amazing family and friends

Enjoy their film!


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